xact NUTRITION is a canadian sports nutrition company, our bars gained their spurs in the hostile sports environment from the Chic-Chocs to Kona. Fruit² bars are real food. They are made from fresh fruit that is cooked, a bit like jam, and the bare minimum of other ingredients are added; sugar to make sure you get just the right amount of energy per bar. This makes Fruit² bars very efficient; packing 100 kCals of energy into one 30 g bar, making it ideal to keep you going without punishing your taste buds..

Endurance Aventure is a Quebec business which was founded in 1998. Its goal is to promote physical activity through the presentation of outdoor activities and to ensure that participants enjoy unique experiences.

The Dynafit brand is for people who live mountain sports and Dynafit is committed to serving all ambitious ski mountaineers. We, at Dynafit, constantly strive to make the ski mountaineer stronger in all aspects of the sport. All materials and fabrics are carefully sourced, selected, tested and finally implemented.