The Gaspesie International Raid Show on International TV

While more than 170 international adventure racers are getting ready for the next edition of

the Gaspesie International Raid (http://www.raidinternationlgaspesie.com) ​ that will be held

from September 8 to 11, you can live again the adventure without getting wet, dirty, or lost in

the bush. The GIR will be broadcasted in Quebec and around the world.


Endurance Aventure and the SDMC of Carleton-sur-Mer are happy to announce the signature of

an important international distribution contract for the TV shows of the Gaspesie International Raid (GIR).


One of the biggest TV show distributor will present the GIR shows for the 2015, 2016, and 2017 editions

on about 60 chanels in 170 countries. Now that they have the show in hand, we can expect that it

will be seen by millions of watchers around the world. Among the sports events clients of this distributor,

there are some important tennis championships like Wimbledon, the Open Australia, the Masters Series ATP

and the National Football League (NFL). With this contract, the Gaspesie International Raid is getting into

the big league.


Thanks to this new agreement, the show will be broadcasted, among others, on CBS SPORTS NET in

USA that has a potential audience of 50 milions and on two chinese channels with an audience of about

300 milions.  This distribution agreement is on the top of the broadcasting agreement already set

by Endurance Aventure, notably with RDS, Altitude TV (USA) and TV8 Mont Blanc, that reached an

audiance of about 25 milions.

At the national level, the show 2015 is broadcasted from July 2 to 14 on RDS2 :


Beyond this unique race in Canada, the beauty of the Gaspésie landscapes and the exceptionaly warm

welcoming of the locals for the athletes will be known all around the globe, showing the Gaspésie

and Québec as must seen destinations for adventure sports addicts.

Keep enjoying the summer, moving and exploring, and watch this site for

anouncements about new projects to come!

The Endurance Aventure Team



























Jean-Thomas Boily
Co-President Finance & Operations
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Daniel Poirier
International multi-sport athlete


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Project director/Speleologist
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