TV Production

Canadaman 2017

Finish at the top of Mount Mégantic

The Productions Endurance Aventure counts with a team of professional Directors, Editors and Cameramen, in charge of immortalizing all the events organized by the Enterprise as well as other sport events organized by partners, notably in China. The productions of Endurance Aventure are broadcasted internationally.

Video Production Formats

The cameramen are present on site before and during your event in order to grab the best images of the participants and of the region. After the event, the production team starts the production of a high quality TV Show that can be broadcasted internationally.

A catchy video in order to promote your event. Images grabbed on site by professional cameramen. A customized edition aiming to reflect the beauties and the energy of the place. A teaser to be shown on any platforms and social media. Efficient, to promote your event towards participants as well as partners. A punchy business card!

A capsule created on the same day, from the best images of the day. A Summary Capsule of your event can be created the same day for an immediate diffusion. You will not even have time to catch your breath before having the opportunity to live the emotions of the day again, on a big screen!



Teaser – 10:56

A team from Endurance Aventure went to China in order to film the Mountain Bike Raid 2017.


Event’s Summary Capsule – 3:25

Raid International Gaspésie 2018’s Day 1 Summary

Canadaman 2017

Finish at the top of Mount Mégantic

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